Jordanhill from the air

A selection of vertical and oblique aerial photographs


Vertical aerial photograph of the whole of Jordanhill (north at the top).    Dated around the 1980’s    The dotted line shows the boundary of the area covered by Jordanhill Community Council




This enlarged extract from a German aerial reconnaissance photograph shows the north east corner of Jordanhill in the bottom left.     The title of the whole photograph (shown on the right of the enlargement) is translated as “Secret”,  “Glasgow, Dawsholm Town Gasworks”, ”War Programme” and was taken on 2 October 1939.    The gasworks and Barr and Stroud were marked presumably as bombing targets.   



Target “A” is described as “Dawsholm Gasworks.  Buildings for production with coal bunkers and transportation system.    Gasometers diameter approx. 60m ;  area of buildings, 35,600sqm.   Works sidings present.  Buildings, tanks and sheds for production of gasworks by-products”


Target “B” is described as “Barr and Stroud optics firm.    Factory buildings and small workshops.  Area of buildings approx. 37,000sqm.   Works sidings present.  Total area approx. 70,000sqm”






Jordanhill College looking south east.  Extract from an oblique colour photograph taken in 1974 by Aerofilms.







Extract from another oblique colour photograph by Aerofilms, looking north from the Clyde Tunnel






A photograph taken vertically above Jordanhill College in 1949 (north at the top).   Extracted from a large photograph provided by the Air Photo Library of the old Scottish Office.    This was taken before the Lawrence houses  in Jordanhill Drive, Hallydown Drive and part of Southbrae Drive were built.    Some prefabs can be seen on the east side of Seggilea Road (A)






Another 1949 vertical photograph from the source quoted above.    Note the prefabs along Chamberlain Road.






South Jordanhill extracted from the above quoted source.    Note the allotments on the north side of Westland Drive prior to the Lawrence houses, the field which later became the site for St Thomas Aquinas School and the Great Western Laundry which predated Arnold Clark’s Showroom.






An oblique shot of St Thomas Aquinas School shortly before demolition and replacement,  looking east.   Mitre Road runs from top to bottom of the photograph.




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